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Monday, January 5, 2015

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate in Florida and New York

At Shelley Real Estate, we are able to determine the condition of properties that are for sale, to evaluate the market value of real estate and to negotiate with sellers. Furthermore, our business can help our clients to design floor plans for buildings of all sizes. 

Municipal Incentives

Many cities provide large payments and tax credits for businesses that purchase properties or construct commercial real estate in Florida and New York. In addition to identifying the benefits that each municipality offers, we may negotiate with the city's government in order to obtain new incentives.

Evaluating the Market

When you are preparing to buy commercial real estate in Florida or New York, we will analyze the prices of other properties in the area, determine the average rent for commercial offices in the city and find nearby amenities. If you would like to purchase a building, we may also estimate the costs of any repairs that need to be made. Moreover, our company might be able to predict the future fluctuations of the property's worth.

Choosing a Site

Our business is capable of evaluating the highways and the major roads that are situated near a particular property. We will generally create a comprehensive list of the types of public transportation that are available in the area.

Customizing the Real Estate

Once you've purchased a property, our experts may help you to design buildings, choose the locations of pathways and select the positions of new foliage. Our enterprise can also choose optimal locations for parking lots, and we may assist the owner to determine whether or not parking should be free.

Calculating the Monthly Expenses

When a client is leasing a building, we can analyze the costs of electricity, water and routine maintenance, and our business may calculate the price of heating the structure's interior during the winter months. Furthermore, our company will determine the yearly property taxes that the tenant will pay.

Subleasing Real Estate

If you would like to sublease a property, our company may help you to create an agreement, and you will be able to select the duration and the monthly price of the lease. You may also create a list of circumstances or occurrences that would void the contract.

Scheduling a Consultation

When you're ready to obtain a free price estimate, you can call 855-334-3926. In order to read reviews and news about our company, you should take a look at our website or visit our
profile on Facebook. 


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