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Monday, January 5, 2015

New York City is the New Hot Spot for Foreign Commercial Investors

The U.S. has always been a popular real estate choice for many foreign business owners and investors, but this has become even more notable during the last year as a result of issues in the EuroZone. In fact, there has perhaps never been a better time for overseas investors to find commercial real estate representation in New York.

Recent Major Investments in NYC

In October 2014, Hilton Worldwide Holdings announced a deal to sell the Waldorf-Astoria to a Chinese company for
$1.95 billion. This is merely an example of the many large real estate deals that have recently been put into motion by foreign investors who wish to enjoy the relative safety of owning commercial property in New York City. After all, war and turbulent political activity in countries such as the Ukraine and Iraq make the U.S. a wiser choice, and New York City has some of the highest real estate values in the nation.

Foreign investors with an interest in New York real estate hail from several countries worldwide, but the most prevalent recent deals have originated from China, Canada and Norway. In fact, investors from Norway and Canada represent the largest percentage of foreign-owned real estate in the U.S., and the sovereign wealth fund of Norway owns
45 percent of the building on Lexington Avenue that used to be called Citigroup Center. Additionally, Asian buyers have been flocking to multifamily assets since the beginning of 2013, and they have already invested approximately $175 million in New York properties.

Getting Started with New York City Investments

Although investing in New York City is one of the best options for individuals and companies that wish to increase their commercial real estate portfolio, it is necessary to work closely with experienced representation to get the best deals. This is especially critical because many foreign investors are unable to visit New York City regularly enough to take advantage of prime deals, so they need to have a trusted resource stateside.

Fortunately, you can obtain high-quality commercial real estate representation in New York by turning to Shelley Real Estate. Our company is a proven industry leader in commercial acquisitions, dispositions and tenant representation in New York. This means that you will not have to worry about missing out on fantastic real estate deals, and we will help ensure that you learn about potential acquisitions that make the most sense for your investment goals. To learn more, go to our website and contact us today by calling (855) 334-3926 or emailing 

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